Our Lady of the Angels Catholic Mission Church originally started holding Mass at the Community Church of Sonoita for just a handful of parish members in the early 1980’s. This Mass was held on Saturday afternoons and Wag Schorr was often the Lector.

In 1985, we began holding Mass at El Parada on Saturday evenings at 7 pm. Today, El Parada is now more commonly known as the Sonoita Inn. About 2 dozen people regularly attended mass. Chairs for the service were lined up in the center section of the establishment as all the stores were closed by Mass time.

In 1990 Our Lady of the Angels Catholic Mission Church begin holding our services in the Sonoita-Elgin Emergency Services Fire Station on Sunday mornings at 7:30 am. During these days, Mass was conducted under the guidance of Fr. Jackson. The Honorable Brock Fuller and Joan Stringer were regular lectors. By this time, the Church community had grown to about 30-35 people.

In 1994 Fr. Anthony Petraglia came to Sonoita to help us celebrate Mass. Fr. Anthony Jablonsky also helped us celebrate Mass in Sonoita during these days. In 1997 Fr. Michael Stallings became the pastor of St. Therese of Liseuix Catholic Church in Patagonia, AZ. Our Lady of the Angels is Mission Church to the Parish of St. Therese. It has been a blessing to have always had a priest willing to drive from Patagonia to Sonoita each Sunday morning to celebrate one Sunday mass for parishioners in Sonoita.

By now there was close to 50 people attending Mass on Sundays at the Fire Station. Prior to this time, we were able to maintain a storage area at the fire station for the things we needed to conduct our weekly service. With our continued growth, the growth of the Sonoita area in general and thus the Fire Station, we had to give up our storage area at the Fire Station. With the arrival of Fr. Stallings, we received word from the Renzi family in Sonoita about the possibility of having a church built in Sonoita.

After arriving as Pastor of St. Therese, Fr. de La Torre changed the Sunday Mass time to 8 am and was very instrumental in continued meetings with Mr. Rick Renzi and his family about getting 4.2 acres of land donated. We prayed that this land was to become the future site of our church. The Renzi family offered us the use of the 1st floor of their building they use for their Insurance business in Sonoita as a place to celebrate our Sunday Mass.  Fr. Joe Corvera became our Pastor and helped us weekly to celebrate Mass.  Attendance often exceeded 50 people.  Fr. William Cosgrove came on pastoral assignment to Saint Therese’s Parish, and spiritually and physically led Our Lady of the Angels to meet our goal of building a new church building  in Sonoita. Fr. “Bill” moved on to a parish in North Dakota in 2017. Our journey goes forward today hand in hand with our Lord and Fr. George Hardy.