The story of building our church ultimately spanned through years of obtaining land, architectural planning and engineering, and raising funds. With blessings and a personal okay from Bishop Kicanas of the Diocese of Tucson, the building’s construction began in January, 2014. Thankfully we had some expert volunteers! To name a few: Parishioners John and Mike, both having exceptional building and construction experience, were there addressing building codes, hiring subcontractors, purchasing the construction supplies, building and/or supervising the job everyday! John and Jennifer worked on interior design, painting schemes, and the beautiful altar decorations and crucifix, while Peggy took on kitchen planning. Janice managed sustainability plans, continued the fund raising projects and secured grant money, while Pat managed the parishioner donations and pledges, did the banking and ensured construction bills were fair and paid up. Many enthusiastic “learner” volunteers achieved deadlines in staining, painting, construction cleanup, purchasing, moving, assembling of furnishings and chairs, and planting and watering. Fr. William Cosgrove made his mark in all of these areas by setting the highest bar fiscally, physically and spiritually. He presided over our very first Mass in the church on November 2nd 2014. Our multipurpose church building will live and grow for years to come. Choose Video or Photos Below